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NO.1 You must create a static array in a Crystal report to be used for numeric calculations
in other formulas.
How can you do this?
A. Global NumberVar Array newArray := Array (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
B. Global NumberVar Array newArray := MakeArray (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
C. Global NumberVar Array newArray := CreateArray (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
D. Global NumberVar Array newArray := DefineArray (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
Answer: B

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NO.2 In Crystal Reports you select multiple report objects at the same time. Which two menu
options become
available when you right-click one of the selected objects? (Choose two.)
A. Move
B. Insert
C. Delete
D. Copy
E. Cut
Answer: D,E

SAP   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08認定資格   C-BOCR-08過去問

NO.3 Which three lines of code will generate an error? (Choose three.)
A. Local Number x := 1;
B. Local NumberVal x := 1;
C. Local NumberVar x := 1;
D. Local NumberValue x := 1;
Answer: A,B,D

SAP過去問   C-BOCR-08認定試験   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.4 When should you use parameters?
A. When creating conditional Top N reports.
B. When identifying the data source location.
C. When identifying trends in data.
D. When creating dynamic groups.
Answer: D

SAP   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08認証試験   C-BOCR-08

NO.5 Which method can you use to insert field objects into a Crystal report?
A. Select the Field option from the Insert menu.
B. Right-click the area where you want the field object to appear, then select Insert Field
Object from the
Context menu.
C. Click the field name, drag it to the desired position and release the mouse button to insert.
D. Click the Field button on the Formatting toolbar.
Answer: C

SAP過去問   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08参考書   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08練習問題

NO.6 You copy a report from BusinessObjects Enterprise and modify the report. Which two
methods can you
use to save changes back to BusinessObjects Enterprise? (Choose two.)
A. Save the report using the Report Explorer.
B. From the Main menu, select Save and choose Enterprise.
C. From the Main menu, select Save and choose Web Folders.
D. Save the report using the Repository Explorer.
Answer: B,D

SAP認定資格   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.7 What is the reason you cannot insert a Group layout chart in the Page Header section?
A. You do not have access to the database.
B. The Page Header section is suppressed.
C. A Group layout chart cannot be placed in the Page Header section.
D. You have not saved the report with data.
Answer: C

SAP認定試験   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08認定資格

NO.8 You design a Crystal summary report that is grouped by Region then by Customer
Name. The Details
section is hidden. The report includes a bar chart that displays total orders by Customer
Name for each
Region group. Which procedure will display the chart beside the sections that show
Customer Name and
Total Sales?
A. Place the chart in the Group Header #1 section and format the section to Underlay
Following Sections.
B. Place the chart in the Details section and format the section to suppress if duplicated.
C. Place the chart in the Group Footer #2 section and format the section to Underlay
Following Sections.
D. Place the chart in the Group Footer #2 section and format the section to suppress if
Answer: A

SAP   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08参考書   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08参考書

NO.9 You want to see a list of formulas containing references to a specific field. Which
method can you use?
A. Browse Field
B. Repository Explorer
C. Formula Field Search
D. Global Formula Search
Answer: D

SAP   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.10 Which two formulas can you use to determine whether the content of a string is a
number? (Choose
A. IsNumber({Orders.Customer ID})
B. NumberText({Orders.Customer ID})
C. IsNumeric({Orders.Customer ID})
D. NumericText({Orders.Customer ID})
Answer: C,D

SAP   C-BOCR-08練習問題   C-BOCR-08

NO.11 Which two methods can you use to change the appearance of an object that you add
to a Crystal report?
(Choose two.)
A. Hold down CTRL + Spacebar and click on the object.
B. Right-click the object and use the Format Editor.
C. Select the object and use the Formatting toolbar.
D. Drag-and-drop the object to the Formatting toolbar.
Answer: B,C

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NO.12 What two configuration options are valid for long Lists of Values (LOV) in Crystal
Reports 2008?
(Choose two.)
A. UI Batch Size
B. Database Timeout
C. Maximum LOV Size
D. Maximum Rowset Records
Answer: A,C

SAP   C-BOCR-08認定試験   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08認証試験

NO.13 Which formula uses the correct syntax to assign a variable a value in Crystal syntax?
A. Numbervar x; x = 5;
B. Dim x as Number x = 5
C. Dim x as Number x := 5
D. Numbervar x; x := 5;
Answer: D

SAP過去問   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.14 You need a report that shows all customers and allows the report reader to view either
a report listing all
days in the month to date or to view only the customers with daily sales greater than $5000.
You decide to
use report alerts to accomplish this. Which formula properly sets the alert condition.?
A. Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000
B. Sum ({Orders.Order Date}, {Orders.Order Amount}, "daily") > 5000}
C. IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000 THEN crCondition =
D. IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000 THEN AlertMessage
Answer: A

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NO.15 Which two statements describe how optional prompts behave in Crystal Reports 2008?
(Choose two.)
A. If no value is entered in the prompt, all values are returned.
B. If no value is entered in the prompt, no values are returned.
C. If the parent prompt is optional, the child prompt must be optional.
D. If the child prompt is optional, the parent prompt must be optional.
Answer: A,C

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NO.16 You create a new Crystal report and want to add a Top N sort, but the Group Sort
Expert is inactive.
How can you activate the Group Sort Expert?
A. Insert a group name field.
B. Insert a summary field.
C. Insert a running total field.
D. Insert a formula field.
Answer: B

SAP認証試験   C-BOCR-08参考書   C-BOCR-08認定試験   C-BOCR-08

NO.17 After you select a BusinessObjects Universe to use as the data source for a Crystal
report, you create
a query using the BusinessObjects Query Panel. What must you do to access the underlying
A. Create a local cache of the data source.
B. Create a connection to the data source.
C. Create a local ODBC resource for the data source.
D. Log in to BusinessObjects Enterprise.
Answer: D

SAP   C-BOCR-08問題集   C-BOCR-08認定試験   C-BOCR-08

NO.18 You want to use the Workbench feature to manage multiple reports and publish them to
BusinessObjects Enterprise as object packages. Your manager is concerned that any Crystal
user could
access and make changes to the reports located on the Workbench. How can you address
manager's concerns?
A. Encrypt object packages.
B. Password protect object packages.
C. Assign appropriate permissions to object packages that are published to BusinessObjects
D. Track changes on object packages using the Dependency Checker.
Answer: C

SAP認定証   C-BOCR-08過去問   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.19 Which special field can you use to display the date a report was last changed?
A. Modification Date
B. Modification LastDate
C. Modification LastUpdate
D. Modification Time
Answer: A

SAP   C-BOCR-08認定資格   C-BOCR-08   C-BOCR-08

NO.20 You are creating a Crystal report to show just the Top N countries in an international
sales report based
on total sales for the previous quarter. The value of N is dynamic.
Which method must you use to achieve the required result?
A. Using the Group Select Expert, create a parameter to set the value of N. Add a conditional
formula to
view just the Top N countries.
B. After creating a parameter to set the value of N, reference that parameter within the Group
Sort Expert.
Refresh the report setting the value of N in the parameter to show just the Top N countries.
C. Using the Group Sort Expert, create a parameter to set the value of N. Refresh the report
setting the
value of N in the parameter to show just the Top N countries.
D. After creating a parameter to set the value of N, refresh the report to view just those
countries with a
grand total that is greater than N.
Answer: B

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